Polka Dots and Lollipops
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What is Polka Dots and Lollipops?
Polka Dots and Lollipops is a locally owned seasonal consignment sale for gently used children’s clothing, children’s shoes, toys, baby equipment, and even maternity wear! We specialize in upscale clothing, and insist that the items be in excellent condition, so your child will look great - not second-rate!

Who’s invited to Polka Dots and Lollipops?
Polka Dots and Lollipops is open to everyone! Free admission, so come by and shop till you drop. Also be sure to come by and sign up to win one of our wonderful door prizes provided by our awesome vendors.

Who can sell at Polka Dots and Lollipops?
Anyone can sell their children’s clothing (and shoes!), toys, etc., provided that it is in great shape. You just need to review our Consignor Info pages and you will be able to sell all of your children’s clothing as fast as they outgrow it!

Key Points to Remember!

  • You MUST schedule a drop off time to check in your items this season. We are no longer having an open time. Please contact us if a convenient time is not available.
  • We do not accept checks as a form of payment. We do accept most major credit cards, debit cards and cash.
  • Please refer to our Items Accepted page to see what products we are NO longer accepting this season.
  • Please notice information about correctly pinning clothing and printing tags.
  • You can earn up to 85% of your sales!( see Volunteer Opportunities)

The Best of the Best!
Get a jump on other shoppers! If you are a consignor and/or volunteer, you will be able to shop a day early, getting the pick of the litter! Check Volunteer Opportunities for more details. Moms 2 B and moms with newborns (6 mos and younger) sign up at New Moms Presale Registration for a chance to early shop.

Polka Dots & Lollipops is a great deal for everyone involved! Parents get to sell their outgrown children's clothing at their own price, and buyers get great looking clothes much cheaper than at the fancy boutiques... Everybody wins!



Fall Sale

Friday, Aug. 11, 8am-7pm

Saturday, Aug. 12, 8am-2pm

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